Let's find out common questions from users.

EHang SDK is for mobile developers who are interested in customizing UI or implementing new features for their EHang Drones.

We support iOS and Android.

Although EHang has been striving to make EHang Play a universal App that is easy to use for all users, we must admit that every user is unique. EHang SDK opens up new opportunities for users to develop Apps that maximize user experience.

For users who love using Avatar mode and want to experiment with radio control, it is perfectly OK for users to build an App that mimics that of a radio controller.

Some users may want to explore waypoint mode in more complex scenarios, such as visiting predefined positions and returning to origin. Some users are eager to use "Orbit mode filming".

EHang SDK makes it possible for users to create new Apps for their own specific scenarios.

It is not a good idea to do so.

EHang Play is developed by a group of talented engineers to ensure the most safety and best user experience. It employs complicated, and evolving workflow to avoid accidents in every foreseeable cases. In general, using EHang Play is a much safer guarantee.

Some features in EHang Play are critical to the safety of drone flying. When we change configurations in EHang Play, we do not just change the display. We apply critical parameter settings to the drone so that the flight control system works well with the settings under specific version and load.

When we do calibrations in EHang Play, the App conducts complex calculations to determine the best offset values for the drone in its current environment.

Since critical parameter setting is not something to be taken lightly, users are not recommended to change critical parameters via SDK without consulting EHang experts. It is recommended to change configurations and calibrate with the official EHang Play App.

Sample Apps that come with the tutorials are intended to demonstrate recommended ways to use the SDK. They are neither fully tested to cope with extreme conditions nor designed to achieve maximum user experience.

EHang SDK is targeted for GHOSTDRONE 2.0 and future products. The compatibility with GHOSTDRONE 1.0 is neither tested nor guaranteed.