iOS SDK Tutorial : SDK Sample Overview

Overview of SDK Sample

We provide a sample iPhone project to demonstrate the usage of EHang SDK. The sample code could be downloaded here.

In the first tab, the App enables us to manage connection, retrieve GHOSTDRONE data, control gimbal and camera, without really taking off a GHOSTDRONE.

The second tab enables us to fly a GHOSTDRONE and do micro-control. We can takeoff, return and land by tapping on buttons. We can also contorl throttle, pitch, roll, yaw and heading separately by dragging corresponging sliders. Avatar mode can be enabled by simply switching on the option.

The third tab demonstrates probably the simplest way to implement touch-to-go. It draws the current GHOSTDRONE location on the map. When you tap on a location, the GHOSTDRONE flies to there right away.

The last tab shows a way to manage GHOSTDRONE parameters.

In the next tutorials, we will explain the implementation details of each tab in the sample project.